Podcast Season Four

Season four podcasts of the Academy Developing Practice series are available on this page.

Claire Taylor - Helen Carlin - Billy Mitchell

Making an Impact 2021 Special #1: Developing international partnerships

How to keep global connections and how virtual and hybrid techniques can support international collaboration.

Sarah Arrowsmith - Alys Kay

Making an Impact 2021 Special #2: The ins and outs of research blogging

Ways in which research blogging can be a powerful communication tool.

Tom Arnold - James Coe - Sabina Frediani

Making an Impact 2021 Special #3: Engaging with policy makers

How, as colleagues working in HE, we can engage with policy makers.

Heather White

Networking effectively in a hybrid working environment

Heather White, CEO of Smarter Networking, discusses how we can continue to network effectively in our new hybrid working environment.

Welcome to the podcast

Developing enhanced employability

Dr Matt Murphy shares how he has developed enhanced employability opportunities for students through authentic, industry-led projects.

Rachel Smedley

Supportive laboratory teaching

Dr Rachel Smedley chats about how she has developed her laboratory teaching to ensure it is active, authentic and supportive.

Gemma Ahearne

A micro-learning approach to support inclusion

Dr Gemma Ahearne tells us her module development and use of micro-learning to support inclusion.

Becky Jones

Developing programming and quantitative analysis skills

Becky Jones talks about her work with students to prepare them for the future by developing programming and quantitative analysis skills.

Charles Buckley, Gita Sedghi, Tunde Varga-Atkins, Luke Simpson, Clare Hooper

The Journal: Developing Academic Practice

Catch up with the editorial team from Developing Academic Practice about the newly established open access journal published by Liverpool University Press.

Annette Bramley, Claire Wilson, Alex James and Joan Chang

National Postdoc Conference 2021 Special #1: Stronger connections

How to build stronger connections, a key theme of NPDC21.

Dr Sadaf Ashraf, Dr Gael Morrow, Dr Clara Barker and Dr Anjali Shah

National Postdoc Conference 2021 Special #2: New realities

The new realities that researchers face, a key theme of NPDC21.

Dr Kate Baker, Dr Shirin Ghodke, Dr Siobhan O'Brien and Dr Katy Roscoe

National Postdoc Conference 2021 Special #3: Successful futures

Successful futures for postdocs, a key theme of NPDC21.

Nisha Katona

Mowgli Street Food Restaurants

Nisha Katona, CEO of Mowgli Street Food, shares her experiences of setting up her restaurant chain.