Wellbeing and Development

We aim to integrate wellbeing practices and tools from the moment of arrival as a colleague at the University, and to support individuals in becoming comfortable and well settled in our community. We also have a wide range of opportunities that support professional and personal development. In this area, you will find an overview of what colleagues can avail of.


Our Leadership, Organisational, Professional and Academic Development Academy (The Academy) plays a significant role in the strategic development of the University’s people and practices and is responsible for a large part of the development offer that we provide for staff. Our Academy team covers four broad areas: leadership and management, research, education and the professional practice of all staff. They provide opportunities for continuous improvement at individual, team and organisational levels.

Key opportunities for all colleagues

Here, we would like to highlight some of the exciting options our colleagues have. The links below are only accessible to registered staff.

  • There is a large online provision for staff development both personal and professional e.g. Mindset Self-Coaching which is designed to create sustainable change through self-awareness, self-reflection and accountability
  • A dedicated Professional Development Toolkit provides practical information and access to advice, strategies, tools and methods that can be put into use each day in and outside of work. Topics covered include Emotional Intelligence to enhance personal development, and professional skills such as Budgeting, Business Writing, Customer Relations and Project Management
  • We also encourage our staff to explore the growth opportunities that an apprenticeship can bring.

Research staff and technicians

  • Research staff across all career stages have a comprehensive suite of dedicated resources available to support on their development journeys, access the Researcher Hub to find out more
  • Technicians can access their own Technicians Hub which is packed full of information on development opportunities, community news and governance.


We consider wellbeing to be an important element in day to day life and encourage awareness of it in ourselves and eachother. The links below are only accessible to registered staff.

  • Our New Starters area contains direct links to our wellbeing resources 
  • An online Wellbeing Hub is dedicated to staff, containing resources on mental and physical health as well as information on the services available to support staff including ocupational health, how to support a colleague and guidance for managers
  • We subscribe to an externally operated Employee Assistance Programme to further provide confidential counselling and help on a range of everyday issues that can arise both in and outside of work
  • Our volunteering framework, Liv to Give, allows for up to three days per academic year for staff to use on volunteering for a cause close to their hearts. 

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