Moving to a different city or country can be a daunting experience. This section provides helpful advice if you are relocating to Liverpool.

Relocation Policy 

If you are eligible for relocation expenses the details of the policy will be confirmed within your offer letter. The University of Liverpool will contribute to the costs of relocation incurred to take up a post at the University where costs related to:

  • Travel to a new home following relocation,
  • The transportation and temporary storage of personal belonging; and
  • Temporary accommodation until a permanent home is found

New to the UK

The first weeks and months in a new country can be disorienting.

Take your time to adjust to your new surroundings. Grab yourself a map of the city and get exploring, take a bus, ride the train and jump on the ferry - see the Getting about section for more details.

Try shopping where the locals shop – not only will this save you money it will make you feel more at home. Try making a pan of famous Liverpool Scouse, it will expand your culinary palate in ways you can't predict!