Childcare & Schools

3-5 years

Three and four year old children are entitled to receive up to 30 hours of free early education per week, 38 weeks per year. Your child becomes eligible from the school term after a child’s 3rd birthday, up until they reach compulsory school age. For example,  if the child became 3 in May, the next school term would be September. You can access free early education in a variety of different places, such as nursery schools, nursery classes, play groups, day nurseries and childminders who are accredited members of a local Childminding Network. Day Nurseries, Playgroups and Childminders must be registered with the Local Authority to receive funding for delivering free early education.

Further information regarding eligibility can be found on the Government website.

State School

If your child is under 16 years of age and will be with you as your dependant in England and Wales for more than six months, they should be able to go to a state primary or secondary school free of charge.  You will have to apply for a place for your child online via the local authority website.  You can apply to at least 3 schools. 

Further information for applications within the Liverpool area, visit the website.

Private Schools

Private schools are not open to the public and fees are charged per term. 

For more information visit the Independent Schools Council (ISC) website.

Over 16 years

Children over the age of 16 can attend college or Adult Education Centres, but a fee must be paid.