Preparing to come to the UK

In this area, we have collated advice and guidance to support you in deciding to and making your move to the UK as smoothly as possible. It includes the essential actions that you need to think about before your arrival so that you can enjoy your journey and arrive knowing that everything is in place for your first few days and weeks in the UK.

We provide information on establishing eligibility to work in the UK as well as tips on arranging short or long term accommodation, transfers from the airport and essential things such as ways in which you can pay for things and where to get some dinner that will help you to settle in quickly.

Before you join us

Before joining us, please ensure that you have all paperwork required to show your eligibility to work in the UK.

Find out all you need to know related to eligibility, visas and immigration.

Making accommodation arrangements before you set off

If you have not been able to arrange longer term accommodation, you can consider options such as AirBnB.

Visit our dedicated pages for full information on organising accommodation.

Moving - storage and removal services

Expatica offers useful advice on shipping belongings for moving to the UK. Bear in mind that you may also need somewhere to store your belongings until you can find a place to live. Some removal companies also offer storage, alternatively self-storage can be a cheaper option.

As in many other countries, the UK has strict rules on bringing plants, animals or food into the country. If you have a pet, make sure you read the regulations before you make arrangements.

Getting here and essentials to consider on arrival

We have provided guidance related to getting here and essentials to consider on arrival.

Relocation Policy

The University will meet some of your relocation costs but it is important that you find out exactly what costs will be covered before you make any decisions.
Your HR contact will be able to advise you, or you can read our Relocation Policy. Note that if you use a shipping company, you will be asked to provide three quotations as evidence that you have selected the most cost-effective option.

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