Podcast Season One

An introduction as well as the ten podcasts of Season One of the Academy Developing Practice podcast series are available on this page.

Welcome to the podcast

Introduction Trailer

In this trailer we introduce The Academy’s podcast series. We outline the rationale for the podcast and some of the topics we will cover in our first season.

Ruth Pilkington

Using Reflection

Dr Ruth Pilkington discusses the importance of reflection on practice to support the enhancement of learning and teaching.

Katie Wheat web tile

Supporting Researchers

Dr Katie Wheat informs us on the launch of the new Researcher Development Concordat and some of the new developments it includes.

Springboard podcast presenters

Creating Confidence

We chat with three members of the 2019 cohort of Springboard about their experience of the content of the programme and the impact it has had on their lives.

Emma Thompson

Supporting Study

Emma Thompson takes us through how KnowHow has been developed to support the student experience at the University of Liverpool and complement students’ curricula.

Dr Shelly Kemp

Inclusive Practice

Dr Shelly Kemp discusses the potential diversity of student needs and the importance of inclusive practice.

Joel Haddley tile

Personalised Learning

Dr Joel Haddley describes how he worked with colleagues to develop materials for an online mathematics assessment platform to support student collaboration.

Cath McNamara tile

Creating Communities

We discuss with Cath McNamara, Student Experience Manager, how policy informs our operations at the University but also, importantly, how operations should inform our policy.

Gita Sedghi

Gaining Fellowship

Dr Gita Sedghi talks about her ground breaking work concerning the introduction of a range of developments within the teaching of Chemistry.

Judith Schoch

Teaching Recognition

Judith Schoch from The Academy discusses the value of engaging with learning and teaching development opportunities.

Holly Ridings - NASA

Female Leadership

Special Edition: Holly Ridings, Chief Flight Director of NASA, shares the career path she has chosen including the challenges and opportunities she has encountered along the way.