Podcast 7 - Cath McNamara

Cath McNamara: Creating Communities

In this podcast we discuss how policy informs our operations at the University but also, importantly, how operations should inform our policy. We talk about the importance of encouraging communication between colleagues who set the strategy and colleagues who operationalise the strategy. One way this has been achieved in the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences is through the Professional Services Student Experience Network. We hope this podcast will support you to reflect on the importance of communication across teams and the value of respecting everyone’s contribution with a view to ensuring the student experience.

Cath McNamara is the Student Experience Manager in the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences. Her role is to support the education strand of Strategy 2026 by ensuring the highest possible quality of student experience for students across the Faculty. The scope of this role is wide-ranging and touches upon anything that can have an impact upon student experience, but to summarise, it is about supporting teams within Schools and Institutes to deliver a consistent approach to student experience and working with colleagues across the University to ensure that decision-making is informed by the needs of our students and local knowledge of our staff.

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