The Academy

The role of the Academy is to promote and enable organisational excellence through the strategic development of the University’s people and practices.

We support the development of high performance in leadership and management, research, education and professional practice, working with partners across the institution and beyond to achieve the highest standards of excellence.

Effective Leadership

The Academy is committed to fostering effective, values-driven leadership throughout the institution and empowering colleagues in pursuit of the University’s long-term objectives as called for in the University’s Strategy 2026.

To achieve this, we offer a broad range of inclusive opportunities (both internal and external) designed to support potential, new and experienced leaders and managers across academic and professional roles.

Professional Practice

The Academy is committed to supporting career development for all, utilising our expertise to enhance civic engagement and the University’s positive social impact.

Our staff are supported to develop skills and expertise that will enable them to achieve their potential and be at the cutting edge of practice in their respective fields.

Teaching Excellence

The Academy provides opportunities for colleagues to develop their teaching practice at all stages of their academic career.

We acknowledge the disciplinary expertise of our staff and we encourage employees to make use of the opportunities available, whether this is to enhance and share excellent teaching with others through our supportive communities of practice, or to achieve recognition through our HEA accredited programmes.

Enhancing Research

The Academy is committed to supporting the University’s ambition to create a “borderless research community,” in which every researcher can access high-quality development that supports the production of internationally recognised research at the cutting edge of their respective fields.

We are committed to supporting the creation of a research-rich culture where staff feel supported to develop impactful research and achieve the highest levels of recognition for their success.