Podcast 6 - Joel Haddley web

Dr Joel Haddley: Personalised Learning

In this podcast we discuss how Joel found that many online assessment tools are inappropriate for use in University level mathematics and how he worked with colleagues to develop materials for an online assessment platform which is infinitely customizable with questions being coded in a specialist mathematics programming language with a view to producing randomized questions to support student collaboration.  We explore how this innovation has supported timely and high-quality feedback to students, thus enhancing the student experience.   We hope this podcast will support you to reflect on the notion of developing educational technology with a view to personalized learning.

Dr Joel Haddley is a Lecturer in Mathematical Sciences at The University of Liverpool and leads the Mathematics Centre for Enhancement in Education (MathsCEE).  In 2018 he was awarded a Learning and Teaching Fellowship at the University in recognition of his development and distribution of automated assessment activities within the Department of Mathematical Sciences with a view to the enhancement of the student experience. 

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