Developing active, authentic and supportive laboratory teaching

In this podcast we chat with Rachel about her recent Sir Alistair Pilkington Award and how she has developed her laboratory teaching to ensure it is active, authentic and supportive. 

Dr Rachel Smedley has been a Lecturer in Geography at the University of Liverpool since 2018. She is interested in how the Earth’s climate and environment has changed in the past so we can better understand the future, working on processes in a range of environments from glaciers to coasts to rivers to landslidesShe is both a field and laboratory scientist and brings this expertise into her teaching. She is a specialist in a laboratory technique called luminescence dating where we can take a sample of silt, sand or rock and determine how long it has been buried in the ground. Rachel loves being in the laboratory for her experimental research and really enjoys teaching students in the Central Teaching Laboratories at Liverpool where learning is all hands on. 

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