Are you a parent or supporter?

Going to university is an important time for any young person. As a parent or supporter, it's natural to have concerns about your child, especially if they are leaving home for the first time.

The application cycle

Deadlines for undergraduate applications are mostly set by the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS), which organises the entrance of students into university in the UK.

Your child will apply online for the university of their choice using the UCAS website. Most of our courses have a corresponding UCAS page which provides general information, including entry requirements. For more detailed information about an individual course, please visit our online course pages.

We've created a useful step-by-step guide which explains in detail each step of the application cycle.


If your young person is leaving home for the first time, choosing where to live is a big decision. We have accommodation sites based at our Greenbank Student Village and on-campus. Each of our residences is more than just a place to sleep, our accommodation facilities are lively, friendly communities with great amenities ranging from cafés to libraries.

Visit the University's Accommodation website for all the information you need to help you and your child decide which accommodation best suits your needs.

Fees and finance

You already know that tuition fees don't have to be paid up front, but there is also a wide range of financial support available for students starting their studies. Liverpool is also a comparatively cost-effective city, so your child's money will go further here than in many other student cities.

Our Fees and Finance pages provide all the information you will need to know about costs and help available.

Top ten tips

With so many different deadlines throughout the year, the application process can appear complicated at first. Read our Top Ten Tips to learn how you can help your student with their application.


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