Honours Select

What is Honours Select?

Our Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is offering students a flexible and exciting way to study through its innovative Honours Select degree programme.

Honours Select gives you the opportunity to design a degree that's tailored to suit your specific interests, academic strengths and career aspirations. You can choose to study one or two subjects* from a wide selection of more than 30, and decide for yourself how much weight each subject has.

Your degree, your choice

Choose from three different Honours Select programmes:

  1. Single Honours degree (100%): Specialise in one subject and immerse yourself in something you're passionate about.
  2. Joint Honours degree (50% / 50%): Choose two areas of strength and broaden your horizons and career options.
  3. Major / Minor Honours degree (75% / 25%): Complement your Major with a subject that you loved at A Level, or one that could enhance your career prospects, or maybe even try something completely new that you’ve always been interested in.

Flexible to fit around you

We understand that a lot can change during your first year of university; you’ve had chance to think about your future, your career aspirations may take a new direction, or you may have grown to be as passionate about your Minor subject as your Major. Things do change, which is why we’ve made it easy for those studying two subjects to adapt the weighting of each by 25% after the first year, helping you to keep your options open**.

For example, if you enrol onto a Major / Minor Honours degree programme you can change this to a Joint or Single Honours after your first year; equally you can change a Joint Honours degree to a Major / Minor Honours degree. It’s your decision.

* For a small number of subjects, such as architecture, students can only complete a Single Honours programme due to professional accreditation requirements. Check our 75:25 combinations and 50:50 combinations to find out more.

** Please note that students studying either a Business or Economics pathway in combination with another subject cannot increase from 25% to 50% or from 50% to 75%.


The information displayed for Honours Select programmes on the Unistats website is taken from the first subject in the degree title, eg for History and Archaeology BA (Hons), History is displayed. To get a full picture of your chosen degree programme, you should also check the entry for the Single Honours in the other subject area.