Studying Spanish language as a Minor at 25% of your degree will help you to become highly proficient in writing, reading, speaking and listening to the language. It will also help you to understand aspects of the society and culture of Spain and of the Spanish-speaking world. At the University of Liverpool Spanish may be taken from A Level or as a beginners’ language. Spanish is one of the world’s most important languages in terms of speaker numbers and global politics extending into the USA. Fluency in Spanish opens up dynamic and fast-changing parts of the world outside Europe, including North, Central and South America as well as the Caribbean. A mastery of this language brings with it not only access to cultural products including world literature and cinema, but also important social, cultural, historical and linguistic debates.

In Year One our vibrant programmes at advanced level will both refresh and extend your knowledge of Spanish. If you are a beginner a fast moving programme will quickly take you to A level standard during the course of your first year.

In Years Two and Four, advanced students taking a Major in Business Studies will normally take specialist business language modules as their core language modules in Spanish.

A Year Abroad is strongly encouraged though not compulsory. If you do opt to take a Year Abroad your time will be spent in a Spanish-speaking country as an assistant in a school, as a student at a university or on a work placement. During this year, you will complete an extended essay in Spanish or follow courses at your host university.