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Major/ minor (75/25 options)

We offer some some subject combinations on a major/ minor basis. These programmes involve studying 75% of your credits in your major subject and 25% in your minor subject.

Select a subject below to see the 75/25 options for 2021 entry. You can apply for your chosen combination using the UCAS code provided.

Please see our language options for information on studying a language as 25% of your degree.

Entry requirements

For major/ minor combinations, you will need to meet the entry requirements for your major subject. For example, if your major requires A level grades of ABB, but your minor requires AAA, the entry criteria will be ABB.  Please note, if both components are languages, the entry requirements are ABB.

You'll also need to meet any subject-specific requirements for your major.

Some courses require specific qualifications even if they are being studied as a minor subject. For example, combinations that include Business as a minor subject require a GCSE level 5 or above in Mathematics.

Please check the entry criteria of each subject you'd like to study as a combined degree.

75/25 (major/ minor) combinations available

You can apply for the following combined degrees:



Criminology with:


Law with:

*For any combination involving Business, the weighting of the Business component cannot be increased at the end of year 1

Communication and Media

Communication and Media with:


English with:


Music with:

Music technology

Music technology with:


Philosophy with:

Popular Music

Popular Music with:


Sociology with:








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