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Major/ minor (75/25 options)

We offer some some subject combinations on a major/ minor basis. These programmes involve studying 75% of your credits in your major subject and 25% in your minor subject.

Select a subject below to see the 75/25 options for 2021 entry. You can apply for your chosen combination using the UCAS code provided.

Please see our language options for information on studying a language as 25% of your degree.

Entry requirements

For major/ minor combinations, you will need to meet the entry requirements for your major subject. For example, if your major requires A level grades of ABB, but your minor requires AAA, the entry criteria will be ABB.  You'll also need to meet any subject-specific requirements for your major.

Some courses require specific qualifications even if they are being studied as a minor subject. For example, combinations that include Business as a minor subject require a GCSE level 5 or above in Mathematics.

Please check the entry criteria of each subject you'd like to study as a combined degree.

75/25 (major/ minor) combinations available

You can apply for the following combined degrees:






Criminology with:


Law with:

*For any combination involving Business, the weighting of the Business component cannot be increased at the end of year 1

Communication and Media

Communication and Media with:


English with:


Music with:

Music technology

Music technology with:


Philosophy with:

Popular Music

Popular Music with:


Sociology with:




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