The High-Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Facility offers researchers state-of-the-art solution-state and solid-state NMR technologies to determine the content and purity of a sample as well as its molecular structure, interactions and chemometrics of biological mixtures.

The facility’s equipment and resources are supported by experienced and knowledgeable technical specialists and renowned academics to help you make the most of your data.

How the facility can aid your research

  • Our high-field equipment uses 14-19T magnets combined with state-of-the-art liquid helium cooled probes, providing higher spectral sensitivity and resolution than standard NMR spectrometers. This allows us to observe lower concentrations and greater atomic detail
  • Our facility staff are available to share their expertise in: the determination of protein structures; use of biophysical techniques in small molecule drug design and fragment screening; Metabolomics analysis and biomarker identification; biomarker identification, protein function, dynamics and interactions
  • We are also able to offer support in: Planning and study design; grant applications (preliminary data analysis, figure preparation, method design and optimisation, data management planning and costings); analysis including method development, NMR data acquisition, associated software training and support and dissemination including outreach and stakeholder support, manuscript preparation and data deposition
  • Training is available including 1-to-1 hands-on and online training, group training or face-to-face workshops and pre-recorded training.

The equipment we offer includes the:

  • 800MHz, 700MHz and 600MHz spectrometers with high sensitivity cryoprobes for solution studies
  • Bruker SampleJet metabolomics autosampler
  • Linux hot desking with NMR analytical studies.

Who can use our facilities?

  • University of Liverpool academic staff
  • Researchers from other universities
  • Industrial research partners.

What Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) can be used for

  • Identifying diagnostic biomarkers
  • Checking product purity
  • Appraising chemical processing efficiency
  • Understanding protein function
  • Appraising battery composition.

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Booking our facilities

Booking duration and rates for facilities and equipment can be flexible depending on your research needs.

Please contact us via email using or call us on 0151 795 4398 to discuss your research.

Equipment and/or techniques

Metabolomics Analysis

Metabolomics Analysis

Samplejet autosamplers enable closely monitored and reproducible introduction of labile samples for metabolomic analysis automated loading of samples allowing round-the-clock acquisition of metabolomics samples, of particular benefit to samples that will degrade over time and ensuring every individual sample acquired is treated identically.

Structural Biology

Structural Biology

TCI 1H 13C and 15N (triple resonance) cryoprobes probes provide the capability to acquire high-resolution and sensitivity 3-dimensional spectra for structural analysis of labelled proteins and other macromolecules.

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