Potential misconduct in research

The University expects all members of staff and students of the University, and other persons authorised to undertake research in the University or use University facilities, to observe the highest standards of professional behaviour in proposing, conducting and publishing research.

The University's Policy on misconduct in research outlines the principles and process for managing instances of potential research misconduct.


Defining misconduct in research

It is the responsibility of all University staff and students to understand what constitutes research misconduct under the University's Policy on misconduct in research.

The failure of a member of staff or student to report an incident which has given rise to a reasonable suspicion of research misconduct can in itself constitute research misconduct.


Raising potential misconduct concerns

Concerns relating to potential misconduct in research can be raised through the University’s Named Person for Research Integrity, Professor Elizabeth Perkins, by emailing integrity@liverpool.ac.uk

Concerns can also be raised via, or with the assistance of, an intermediary such as a Line Manager, Tutor or Supervisor, Head of School, Trade Union representative, Guild advice service representative, or colleague.


Cross-institutional allegations of research misconduct

The University recognises that investigating allegations of research misconduct is a complex, challenging and highly sensitive process - particularly where allegations involve multiple institutions.

The University of Liverpool supports the Russell Group Research Integrity statement of cooperation on cross-institutional research misconduct allegations.


For further information on misconduct in research, please contact integrity@liverpool.ac.uk for advice.

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