Research data management

Robust research data management protocols are essential in embedding good research practice and ensuring the integrity of the research.

The University regards the effective management of the data generated by research projects as an integral part of good research and innovation practice. There are important drivers for effective research data management, including:


  • Assurance of research integrity
  • Enhanced data security and reduced risk of data loss
  • Facilitation of data sharing and collaboration
  • The principle of open access to publicly-funded research outputs, recognised by RCUK and OECD
  • Compliance with the requirements of research funders.


University staff are strongly encouraged to use the University’s data management plan software (unless a research funder recommends a different research data management plan).


Open research

Open Research describes attitudes, approaches and tools used in the conduct of research and the dissemination of research outputs, with a view to increasing the transparency, reach and impact of our endeavours.


Please visit the University’s research data management webpages for further guidance and resources; or contact for advice.

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