Support and Student Health

We offer comprehensive support and welfare services to students through two teams: Student Welfare Advice and Guidance, and the Counselling and Mental Health Services.

We strive to provide student support services. Whatever help you may need, we have an entire support network to help you.

Student Services Centre

The Student Services Centre is a focal point for all our specialist support, welfare and health and wellbeing services. If you are not sure which team to talk to, try here first. Our staff are friendly, helpful and very experienced.

Money Advice and Guidance

Money Advice and Guidance provides support and advice to students on a range of financial matters. We can offer the following services:

  • Financial help available
  • Debt Advice Service - liaising with creditors if necessary
  • Advice on funding for EEA migrant workers and other EU students who qualify for UK funding
  • Advice on welfare benefits
  • Offer one-to-one or group budgeting sessions

If you have any previous study at Higher Education level, we advise you to contact the team before starting your programme as this may affect your funding entitlement. 

Support for care leavers

The Money Advice and Guidance also provides a dedicated support service to all care leavers and you will have a dedicated member of staff to offer any extra support you may need. 

The University offer a bursary to UK students who have been in care for a specified period of time (not available for students on NHS funded courses). If you need further information contact the Money Advice and Guidance team. 

Childcare facilities 

Our purpose-built Children’s Centre on campus provides full-day care places for babies and pre-school children. It also runs playschemes during the school holidays. For more information visit the Kids in Bloom website.


The University 'Faith Express' is the centre for faith information on campus including information about world faiths, local events related to faith, student faith societies and about finding a place of worship in Liverpool. We have Chaplains from the leading Christian denominations who are based in Faith Express and provide pastoral care and support for all students. Other faiths such as Baha'i, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam and Sikhism also have societies within the Liverpool Guild fo Students. We also have a dedicated Muslim Prayer Room located on campus in the Sydney Jones Library. 

Counselling Service 

We provide confidential counselling and support to help students with personal problems affecting their studies and general well-being, both on an individual basis and through our workshop programme. Topics include optimising performance, managing anxiety and confidence building.

Mental Health Advisory Service 

Our full-time service is available throughout the year to support students experiencing difficulties. We are also available to give advice to students considering making an application to study. 

Support for disabled students 

The Disability Advice and Guidance team recognises that each student has their own individual needs and will offer practical help and advice to establish appropriate support that works best for you. Where students wish to disclose a disability, we work closely with students and their academic departments to co-ordinate this support, aiming to reduce any disadvantage a student may experience as a result of a disability.

Support for international students 

The International Advice and Guidance team works with students, academic departments and the Liverpool Guild of Students to improve the overall experience for international students. We provide specialist immigration advice and support students with a variety of personal and practical issues. 

Support for mature students

We welcome and value the experience and commitment that older students have to offer, and we're committed to extending opportunities to adults returning to study. 

Diversity and Equality 

The University is committed to ensuring that all students are able to succeed, and we are committed to ensuring that no students are at a disadvantage because of their age, disability, status, gender reassignment, pregnancy or maternity, marriage or civil partnership, race or nationality, religious belief or non-belief, gender, or because of their sexual orientation. 

Student Administration

We are here to help you with your personal, academic and financial records while you are a student at the University. 

Our commitment to a safe environment 

We are committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all our students, which means that we have expectations around behaviour. See the list of policies and procedures.

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