World Obesity Day 2022

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Amandine Garde quote on the Food Marketing Directive
"Legislative reforms must be driven by evidence, not by a dogmatic, misplaced belief in the virtues of self-regulation."

World Obesity Day (Friday 4 March 2022) - Call to protect children from the marketing of nutritionally poor food: Time for an effective regulatory framework.

Professor Amandine Garde, director of the Law and Non-Communicable Diseases Unit (Law & NCD Unit) at the School of Law and Social Justice, is the drafter of the Food Marketing Directive and the initator of this important project which has been carried by the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) and supported by 20 pan-EU federations of public health, consumer rights and children's rights. 

The EU Law and food marketing experts behind the Food Marketing Directive are Prof Amandine Garde from University of Liverpool, Dr Mimi Tatlow Golden from the Open University and Dr Marine Friant Perrot from Nantes Unversity.

"Brussels, 4th March 2022. On this World Obesity Day, social and health organisations call on the EU to adopt strong regulation to protect children from the marketing of nutritionally poor food. Obesity is on the rise among European citizens, leading to decreases in the quality of life and the life expectancy of the individual and increases in diet-related noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) and in societal and economic costs. To prevent a further rise of obesity and major diet-related diseases in the future, strong EU regulation on food marketing and support to families and children must be developed as a matter of priority."


 Endorsing organisation logos and photograph of Amandine Garde

Endorsing organisations of the Food Marketing Directive.


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