Making Sense of TTIP? Trade, Competition, Regulation, Human Rights & Democracy

Friday, 10 June 2016

Venue: The Bluecoat, Liverpool


University of Liverpool’s Economic Governance and International Law and Human Rights units invite you to an interesting event to discuss the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).



TTIP will potentially affect many public policies, including health and food safety, as well as democracy and state sovereignty. However, because the US government and the European Commission continue to negotiate this agreement in secrecy, there is little informed public debate on TTIP.

With this event we aim to shed light on some crucial aspects of TTIP closely connected to citizen welfare, including its effects on trade, healthcare, employment rights, gender equality, global justice, state sovereignty and democracy.    



In order to provide a variety of perspectives, this event brings together an interesting line of speakers from political institutions, academia and civil society.

The keynote speaker is Fabio de Masi (Member of the European Parliament, Die Linke, European United Left/Nordic Green Left). As member of the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee, Mr de Masi has got first hand experience of the European Parliament’s activities in TTIP negotiations.

Other speakers include John Hillary (War on Want), Rob Howse (NYU), Nick Dearden (Global Justice Now), Gabriel Siles-Brugge (Manchester University), Ntina Tzouvala (Durham University), Korina Raptopoulou (University of London), Paul O’Connell (SOAS), Keith Ewing (King’s College London).



The event is open to public and public participation is particularly encouraged. Speakers will use an accessible language. There will be an interactive setting to encourage public debate, including a concluding Q&A session.

For academic queries please contact Dr Firat Cengiz, for administrative queries please contact