Centre for Proteome Research

The Centre for Proteome Research (CPR) operates a state of the art biological mass spectrometry facility.

The Centre is motivated and strongly driven by its primary research programmes.

The facility

We have 300 sq.m. of CPR laboratory and office space, which is exceptionally equipped for our research.

The suite includes:

  • Waters GC-TOF Premier GS/MS system
  • Two Waters Xevo QqQ/nanoAcquity
  • Thermo Velos Orbitrap/nanoAcquity
  • 2010 Waters Synapt G2/nanoAquity high resolution ion mobility QToF
  • Bruker Amazon high speed ion trap/nanoAcquity
  • Bruker Ultraflex Extreme 1kHz MALDI-TOF/TOF
  • Thermo QExactive Orbitrap instrument/Dionex u3000nano.

We have received grants from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) ALERT13 and ALERT14, and from the Medical Research Council (MRC) to install:

  • MALDI/Synapt G2si/IMS/MSMS imaging system
  • LAESI/ESI Synapt G2si system
  • Tribrid Fusion instrument
  • CyTOFII and a QExactive HF system.

The Centre has a full suite of analytical instrumentation for protein chemistry and molecular biology laboratory. In 2015, we received MRC funding to enhance capacity in metabolomics and to establish quantitative western blotting in the group.


The laboratory is supported by its own 1Gbit/s subnet, and all computers are fast PC systems used for instrument control, data presentation, and analysis. Six multiple processor, hardware accelerated servers run PEAKS, MASCOT, and Transomics software. We have 80Tbyte of RAID6 disk store to support our proteomics requirements.


We recognise that it is not feasible for many other groups to sustain this level of capability, and therefore collaborate with over sixty other research teams within and outside the University. We are designated as a Shared Research Facility (SRF), operating under the Technology Directorate. Within this structure, we address complex issues, such as, sustainability, cost recovery, and service level agreements to ensure we work optimally with our collaborators.

The group has published over 100 papers since 2008 (including ScienceNature MethodsNature Chemistry, and Molecular Systems Biology) and has attracted substantial funding from BBSRCMRC, Cancer Research UK (CRUK) and North West Cancer Research Fund (NWCRF).

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