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British Academy Global Professorships 2023

The University of Liverpool is currently inviting Intentions to submit from exceptional overseas mid-career and senior scholars to apply for this scheme and join the University of Liverpool.

The Scheme 

The British Academy Global Professorships are aimed at outstanding international mid-career and senior researchers in any disciplines within the Humanities and Social Sciences who do not currently work in the UK, to bring their research experience to the UK and strengthen the UK’s research base, capacity and capability in the humanities and the social sciences.

The programme aims to attract world-class, internationally-recognised established scholars to work in the United Kingdom for four years and further their individual research goals, while enhancing the UK’s commitment to international research partnerships and collaboration.

Applications must be for new, coherent and cutting-edge projects. The Academy is looking to support academics that are proposing ambitious, beyond the state-of-the-art applications that break new ground. The Global Professorships are an opportunity to undertake high-risk, curiosity-driven research in the humanities and social sciences that enables the award-holder and their UK host institution to achieve a step-change in their respective research programmes.

Each award will provide up to £900,000 of funding for four years. The British Academy deadline is Wednesday 1 November 2023, 5pm (UK time).


Despite its title, this scheme is not only for Professors. Applications are also welcome from mid-career researchers recognised in their field or with exceptional promise. Please read the British Academy Scheme guidance notes for full eligibility criteria.

The Academy wishes to particularly encourage applications from historically and/or structurally disadvantaged groups, low-income countries and female researchers. The scheme particularly encourages applications from researchers from countries with less-developed research systems (although all applications are encouraged and research excellence is key).

Selection and Support Process at the University of Liverpool

Given the highly competitive nature of this scheme and the fact that institutions are only allowed to submit 4 applications for this scheme, the University of Liverpool has put in place a management management process to select, and then closely support, candidates to be put forward by the University.

This process will be led by the Institutional Peer Review College and the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

How to apply

  1. Please ensure you have read the British Academy Scheme guidance notes and ensure you are fully eligible for this scheme and fit the remit of this call before contacting colleagues at the University of Liverpool.
  2. Please contact the Department/colleague with whom you wish to apply, to discuss your potential application and your fit with the Department/School/Faculty. Please note that the fit between the applicant and the host UK institution are paramount for the success of this call (i.e. contribution to and enhancement of the host institution’s research strategy; suitability of the UK host institution for the applicant’s project; contribution to the UK more widely).
  3. Once both sides have agreed to take your application forward, please submit your Intention to Submit for consideration by sending the following to our Institutional Peer Review ( by Tuesday 12 September 2023, 4pm (UK time):

More information

Please download this University & Faculty Brochure (PDF 1.4MB) for an overview of the University of Liverpool and the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences for interested applicants to ensure your project aligns with our themes and priorities.

Further details, including the pro-forma, are available on the University’s Peer Review College intranet and can be accessed by your University of Liverpool contact. 

If you have any queries please contact the Institutional Peer Review College by emailing

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