photogrammetry image of an Egyptian crocodile sculpture

Before Egypt Exhibition

“Before Egypt” was a major exhibition featuring the collections of Predynastic Egyptian and Nubian artefacts from the University of Liverpool’s Garstang Museum of Archaeology, supplemented by loans of key objects from the British Museum, Manchester Museum, Liverpool World Museum, and the Ashmolean.

With artefacts dating from as many as 7,000 years ago, 'Before Egypt' delved into the prehistoric past of Egypt and Nubia.  It showcased the ways in which early art, culture, and politics were influenced by the unique geography of the Nile Valley.

The exhibition culminated with the beginning of the Pharaonic Age around 3000BCE, displaying artefacts from the tomb of Neith-hotep, the earliest historically attested woman in the world. Neith-hotep is typically described by Egyptologists as a queen of the earliest Egyptian dynasty, as the wife of King Narmer, and mother of King Aha.

This exhibition meant that some of these ancient objects underwent photogrammetry with many of the models being used for the ‘Before Egypt’ app. Many of the objects highlighted in the exhibition and turned into 3D models had never previously been on public display.  The app allowed users to interact with the models on a smart phone or tablet through augmented reality, much like PokémonGO!

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