Viking warrior line drawing

Viking Colouring Sheets

Vikings! We all know the stories, but how much do you really know about these adventurous people?

Dr Clare Downham, from our Institute of Irish Studies, has put together these fantastic information and colouring sheets to help us get to know the vikings a little bit better.

From what they wore, to what they ate and how they spent their time, we hope you'll enjoy learning about the vikings and then bringing them to life with your own bright colours.

A special thanks goes to Dr J Robert Travis for creating the artwork. You can see more of his work here.

Viking decoration drawingBidston, Wirral

In 1994 a piece of Viking Age stone sculpture was discovered in a garden at School Lane Bidston, near the parish church of St Oswald’s. Learn more about it then colour your own.

Bidston, Wirral Information Sheet

Bidston, Wirral Colouring Sheet

Detail of vikings colouring in sheetBuildings and Food

What did viking houses look like? And what was on the menu if you dropped in for dinner? Find out below.

Buildings and Food Information Sheet.

Buildings and Food Colouring Sheet


Clothing Viking colouring sheet detailClothing

Find out what the fashionable viking man or woman was wearing, and who had made it.

Clothing Information Sheet

Clothing Colouring Sheet


Viking family line drawingFamily and Leisure

Family ties were very important to the vikings, and governed many parts of their lives. And in their free time, feasting and drinking were popular!

Family and Leisure Information Sheet

Family and Leisure Colouring Sheet 

Viking sculpture line drawingSculpture & Viking Age London

The vikings are famous for their creativity and beautiful art. Find out why here.

Plus, take a look at what life was like in a very different London from the city we know today.

Sculpture and Viking Age London Information Sheet

Sculpture and Viking Age London Colouring Sheet

Alfred Jewel colouring sheetThe Alfred Jewel & King Alfred

Learn about King Alfred and the famous  and beautiful Alfred Jewel.

The Alfred Jewel and King Alfred Information Sheet

The Alfred Jewel and King Alfred Colouring Sheet

Viking warrior line drawingThe Vikings in Merseyside

Vikings started paying visits to Merseyside around the year 893. Their influence can still be seen to this day.

Vikings in Merseyside Information Sheet

Vikings in Merseyside Colouring Sheet

Viking warrior line drawingViking Warfare

Just like today, war was part of the viking world. Find out who they fought with, and how.

Warfare Information Sheet

Warfare Colouring Sheet


Viking woman line drawingViking Women

Find out what life was like for a woman in viking times, and why many had rights that some women would not see until the 19th century.

Women Information Sheet

Women Colouring Sheet

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