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About the project

Women have made vital contributions to Merseyside's story. The Sisters of Mersey project represents a chance to acknowledge their work and their lasting impacts.

Dr Sam Caslin introduces the Sisters of Mersey. 

Listen to Sam explain the Sisters of Mersey project and why she created the app in our 'Tales from the Square' podcast.

We want to encourage researchers, residents, visitors and tourists to discover the women's history that surrounds them as they travel through Liverpool and Merseyside.

Our free app contains maps and information, allowing you to use your phone to locate sites of interest and to learn more about the history of women's lives. On this accompanying Sisters of Mersey website you will be able to find out more information about some of our contributors and some of the research projects that have informed the app. From here, you can also access blog posts about local women's history and find out more about some of the women featured.

This is a continuing project and we welcome contributions and ideas from the wider community. We want to see Sisters of Mersey become an important educational and cultural resource for anyone interested in the history of this vibrant and influential region.

We are always looking for new Merseyside women to feature in the Sisters of Mersey project. If you have a story to share, please contact

Dr Samantha Caslin, Lecturer in History, University of Liverpool

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