Provocation two: language and clinical care

The second seminar held in October 2021 was led by Dr David Oakey and Dr Chris Jones of the Department of English at the University of Liverpool.

Dave and Chris are applied linguists who try to solve real world problems that have some linguistic cause.

They use corpus linguistics – using large databases of language in order to find common patterns e.g. phrases and studying those patterns to analyse form and function. They study language in use to identify connections between words and phrases in spoken and written communication between people in particular situations to see why messages may be imperfectly understood or not understood at all. 

In this session they hoped to provoke new ways of thinking about the language you already use and, in many ways, already “know”. 

How does the language you use impact on the clinical care you give? What different words and phrases would you use when talking to different kinds of patients and when talking to other colleagues.  What words and phrases are important to public health messaging around COVID-19?  How effective is public health messaging around COVID-19 in reaching marginalised groups in society?”

To learn more about what Chirs and Dave offered during this seminar please watch a short film they prepared.

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