Opportunity to Contribute to Alder Hey Public Engagement Project

Posted on: 8 February 2019 by Nick Jones in 2018 Posts

Alder Hey Hospita
Alder Hey Children's Hospital

Could you contribute a pop-up workshop or exhibition to be held in the atrium of Alder Hey Children's Hospital?

The University’s Literature & Science Hub is currently collaborating with Alder Hey on a number of projects, one of them being a series of pop-up exhibitions/ workshops in the atrium space of the hospital. These events will be three days in duration, disseminating research accessibly via creative activities, performances/ demonstrations, and exhibits/posters.

There are three themed exhibitions scheduled over the next five months, and within each of them the Hub is keen to showcase not only their own research but also the work of other University of Liverpool researchers, including ECRs and doctoral students. This follows on from the ‘Made from Light’ Tate Exchange last year, which similarly brought research from across different faculties to the public.

Two of the three themes will be:

‘Energy’. This will be a new version of last year’s ‘Made from Light’, but we welcome new additions.

'Changing Nature / Extreme Environments'

The third (and potentially fourth) are still open for discussion, but suggestions currently include:


'Intersections of Health and Environment' (which might include questions of justice/inequality, pollution etc.)

‘From Micro to Macro’

There are several ways to contribute: displaying a poster (and perhaps being on hand to talk about it), delivering a public workshop or giving a demonstration.

The Literature & Science Hub will be running creative writing workshops with patients, visitors and NHS staff throughout which will draw upon all the research included in the exhibition and events. This is therefore a nice opportunity for public engagement/ pathways to Impact for all involved, and particularly for ECRs and Doctoral Researchers to gain experience in doing outreach work in a supported and low-pressure interdisciplinary environment.

To express an interest in contributing to the project, we only need three sentences from you:

  1. Who you are
  2. What your research is
  3. What you envisage contributing to the initiative.

Please email them to Greg Lynall (gjlynall@liverpool.ac.uk) and Sam Solnick (sns@liverpool.ac.uk) by Friday 15th February. We also welcome informal enquiries.

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