North Wales Field Class

Year 1 – ENVS 100

At the very beginning of your studies, this field class involves all our 1st Year Geography and Environmental Science students going to North Wales to develop their field skills in a range of topics related to the theme of Sustainability. A part of the ENVS100: Study Skills and GIS module, the field class is a vital opportunity to begin thinking critically about the challenges faced by society through building up direct experience of appropriate fieldwork techniques, from the measurement of carbon stores in forests to the observation of “Quality of Life” in an urban setting. Over two days, students learn key skills, interact with staff and get to know their fellow students – all of which are important at this early stage in the degree. 

Portmadoc Bay

Whether you’re a BA or BSc student, the trip aims to develop your understanding of ‘connectedness’ across the social, physical and biotic realms to achieve sustainable economic development in a region.  It is about identifying the key social, wellbeing and economic challenges that need to be addressed, and recognizing the value of nature and nature-based solutions meeting these.  We consider how nature can reduce coastal erosion and flood risk, how forests can mitigate carbon emissions, and what can be achieved over the short- and long term in regenerating the economy of two contrasting coastal towns.”