Our Research

Since becoming a Department in 2009, Communication and Media has focused its thriving research activity on two strands, Screen Studies and Media, Politics and Society.  Within those strands we have a range of themes, including:

  • International Politics and International Communication
  • Broadcasting History and Institutions
  • Film and Place
  • Cultural Representation in Film and Popular Media
  • Media Genre and Political Cultures
  • Gender and Media
  • American Independent Cinema.

We aim to foster research that supports education for citizenship and the development of a more cohesive society through funded projects and collaborations with civic and cultural institutions. The impacts of our research range from cultural impact through to changes in professional methods and practices.

Screen Studies

The Screen Studies group has undertaken a wide range of public engagement activities connected to the Film and Place theme, through the '' project, offering screenings and events, advising production companies on archive content and helping local people to create audio-visual records of their history. We have developed excellent working relationships with colleagues in the cultural industries sector such as FACT, Bluecoat Arts Centre, National Museums Liverpool, Tate Liverpool, North West Vision and Media and the British Film Institute.

Media, Politics and Society

The Media, Politics and Society group have worked with charities, activists and policy groups, political parties and legislatures as consultants on communication strategies and publicity campaigns, and helped to create permanent exhibition content. In addition, workshops and project activities based on our research findings have led, or will lead, to changes in professional methods and practices, among museum curators as well as professional communication strategists. Working with these groups has enabled us not only to identify ways in which such bodies can share the benefits of new research, but also to provide ways of involving the wider public by offering platforms for community engagement.