Media appearances

Media Appearances

Our Communication and Media researchers are regularly featured in the media, either showcasing their own research or providing expert opinions on current events.

29-Nov Dr Antonis Kalogeropoulos
16-Nov Dr Liam McLoughin
10-Nov Dr Rosalynd Southern
9-Nov Dr Liam McLoughin
7-Nov Professor Ekaterina Balabanova
7-Nov Professor Ekaterina Balabanova
6-Nov Professor Ekaterina Balabanova
4-Nov Dr Liam McLoughin
25-Oct Dr Elena Musi
30-Sep Dr Gianfranco Polizzi
21-Sep Emily Beswick
21-Sep Dr Vera Slavtcheva-Petkova
27-Jun Professor Simeon Yates
27-Jun Professor Simeon Yates

5-Aug Beatriz Garcia Giant inflatables and flying dancers: Olympic art has always turned heads
3-Aug Professor Simeon Yates DCMS claims successes in Liverpool 5G Testbed
19-Jul Dr Elena Musi The devices being used to combat the spread of COVID-19
1-Jul Professor Simeon Yates Mind the gap: bridging London’s tech divide
6-May Professor Simeon Yates How Greater Manchester is putting residents at the heart of digital innovations
4-May Professor Simeon Yates Call You and Yours: How is the shift online affecting you?
30-Apr Dr Patricia Rossini Dr Patricia Rossini discusses the anti hate social media blackout
20-Mar Professor Simeon Yates Is the 2021 digital census excluding those who can't get online?
21-Feb Dr Elinor Carmi Are streaming algorithms really damaging film?
12-Feb Professor Simeon Yates One in five people in West Midlands do not use internet, says study
9-Feb Dr Kerry Traynor Whatever happened to local TV?
14-Jan Professor Simeon Yates Mayor of Greater Manchester calls on businesses to support digitally excluded young people
11-Jan Dr Elena Musi The Rule of Truth: How fallacies can help stem the COVID-19 infodemic
  Dr Elinor Carmi  
  Dr Myrto Aloumpi  
4-Jan Dr Ekaterina Balabanova Fashion brands should engage “more proactively” around sustainability on social media