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Culture, Space and Memory Culture, Space and Memory

Culture, Space and Memory

The Culture, Space and Memory research group brings together a cluster of ideas and intellectual orientations that share focus on the cultures, practices and spatial dispositions that inform transdisciplinary approaches to media and communication in the digital age.

Discourse, Data and Society Discourse and Society

Discourse, Data and Society

Researchers within the Discourse, Data and Society research group undertake problem oriented and critical analysis of how language and discourse shape as well as change contemporary communication across a wide range of social fields including media, politics and the economy.

Media, Politics and Society Media, Politics and Society

Media, Politics and Society

The Media, Politics and Society research group consolidates a long-standing scholarship on the relationship between media and politics within the Department of Communication & Media.

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Digital Media & Society Institute (DMSI)

Please see interdisciplinary research projects undertaken in the Digital Media & Society Institute (DMSI)

Cold War Toys

Cold War Toys: Material Cultures of Childhood in Argentina

Cold War Toys provides a cultural, political and affective history of Argentine toys during the Cold War, specifically between the emergence of Peronism in the 1940s and the end of the last civic-military dictatorship in 1983. 

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Social Media for Voluntary Organisations

Social Media for Voluntary Organisations

Social Media for Voluntary Organisations aims to develop a framework for contemporary social media practice specific to the non-profit sector, and identify changes in practice emerging through the coronavirus pandemic.

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Keyboard in the dark

Online Abuse and Discrimination in British politics: Women’s experiences and mitigation strategies

This project aims to establish to what extent online abuse impacts on the willingness of women and minoritized groups to work in politics and how they negotiate or mitigate the impact of these communications on their working lives.

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News and (Mis)information about COVID-19 in Brazil

News and (Mis)information about COVID-19 in Brazil

This report examines how Brazilians get information and news about the COVID-19 pandemic, whether they trust different institutions, whether they hold misinformed beliefs about COVID-19 and their propensity to vaccinate in the future in order to tackle the pandemic. 

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City in Film

City in Film

Mapping the City in Film (2008-10) is a unique project supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council that explores the relationship between film, memory and the urban landscape. Read more