Discourse and Society

Discourse, Data and Society

The Discourse, Data and Society research group brings together ground-breaking work in multimodal studies, artificial intelligence and data analytics with expertise in critical discourse studies, language and strategic communication. 

We work across a wide range of social fields including media, politics and the economy. We critically analyse discourses from language, rhetoric and text to mediated images, videos and music and their integration in digital platforms. We are particularly interested in how data and data processing algorithms shape communication, and the political, economic, and societal implications of the use of digital data in contemporary society. We use a variety of approaches, including mixed methods involving qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Our key current interests are: 

  • Multimodal analysis of traditional and digital media
  • Strategic communication, broadly conceptualised as any discourse which aims to persuade
  • Communication, argumentation and artificial intelligence
  • Digital and social media analysis and visualisation
  • The impact of data and data science on communication and social practices
  • Discourses of mediated political communication including right-wing populist, racist, uncivil and anti-immigration rhetoric in European politics
  • Discursive representations of society including gender, mental health and social class in UK and international magazines, radio TV and social and online media
  • Discourses of global popular culture and public protest in news, radio and popular music
  • Discursive construction of social, political and organizational identities in LGBT movements, national and supranational politics and in transnational organizations
  • Discourses of organizational and crisis communication in the context of business/markets, public institutions and the wider neoliberal political economy

Our group acts as a recognised international hub for multimodal analysis, and wider critical research on discourse and society, with a focus on digital and social media. It houses leading international publications such as the Routledge Studies in MultimodalityJournal of Language and Politics as well as Bloomsbury Advances in Critical Discourse Studies. We regularly participate in research seminars in Liverpool and key international events.

Current members of the Discourse, Data and Society research group include: