Self-declaration of criminal convictions

If you are applying to a non-clinical course and your conviction is relevant and unspent, to ensure our University is able to offer you the correct level of support during the application process we will ask you to provide details of the nature of your offence, your conviction and your rehabilitation.

This will allow us to assess whether the University will offer a safe environment for you and others, should you register as a student. If you are not sure if you are required to declare your conviction then please seek guidance. The University of Liverpool cannot provide individual advice on whether a conviction is relevant and unspent.

If you declare that you have a relevant, unspent conviction one of the Admissions Team will contact you for more information. Please be assured that any information will be kept in the strictest confidence and will be shared only with University staff who are directly involved in determining the outcome of the process.

Please note, if you do not have any unspent, relevant convictions, we would be grateful if you could indicate this on the form.

You must submit the form and complete any follow-up process before you will be able to complete registration or begin your studies at the University.

If you would like more information before completing the form or have any queries you can contact a member of the Admissions Team at

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