Using cutting-edge multi-omics technologies, our research and teaching aims to answer important biological and biomedical questions about health and disease. We're interested in how molecules work when integrated into tissues and organisms in healthy individuals, compared with those experiencing health conditions, to discover new therapeutics and improve current treatments.

Staff at the Institute of Systems, Molecular and Integrative Biology

Professor Sonia Rocha

Our vision is a world where every patient receives the right drugs at optimal doses, where precision medicine is supported by the research of pharmacologists and basic scientists. This personalised approach maximises the efficacy of treatment whilst improving patient quality of life.

Professor Sonia Rocha, Executive Dean

Our departments

Biochemistry and Systems Biology

Bringing together biochemistry, cutting-edge technology and multi-omics approaches to study the chemistry of life. From proteins to complex biological systems, we provide vital links between both basic and translational research.

Molecular and Clinical Cancer Medicine

Bridging discovery science with therapeutic applications in cancer patients. Our mission is to optimise effective collaborations between scientists and clinicians to find better ways to detect and treat cancer.

Molecular Physiology and Cell Signalling

Our scientists are working to provide better understanding of how cellular communication systems control the behaviour of cells, tissues and organisms. The results of our research help to inform new therapeutic strategies for a wide range of diseases.

Pharmacology and Therapeutics

Our internationally excellent, multidisciplinary research spans life, physical and clinical sciences focused on investigating mechanisms of drug efficacy and toxicity. Our aim is to develop new and improve existing therapies for the benefit of patients.

School of Life Sciences

Our students are exposed to advanced technologies and internationally recognised research centres in infection, cancer, and multi-omic approaches. In collaboration with other institutes across the Faculty, we cover all life science disciplines, from biochemistry to zoology, integrating world-leading research and knowledge.


Our research

Our departments are equipped with the expertise and technology to carry out groundbreaking research, which informs our study programmes. Our current key areas of research include:

  • The biology and chemistry of life at all scales
  • Cellular signalling mechanisms in normal and abnormal conditions
  • Improving the efficacy, safety and understanding of therapeutics in human disease
  • Advancing the molecular understanding of cancer to increase early detection and improve treatment for cancer patients.

Our collaboration with North West Cancer Research and Clatterbridge Cancer Centre is the first time we're integrating discovery sciences with oncology in one research centre. Working across basic and clinical sciences will not only improve our understanding of cancer but also develop new therapies to put into practice in clinics.

Vision, mission and aims

  • Educate and prepare the next generation of the workforce in biomedical and life sciences
  • Translate our lab discoveries into real benefits for patients, the public and health systems
  • Understand, detect and develop better therapeutic approaches for human diseases
  • Develop world-leading, multi-omic integration across life sciences
  • Advance biological knowledge across all scales of life
  • Be transparent and open, creating an environment and culture where everyone feels part of the same team

Accreditations and partnerships

Athena SWAN Silver Award

We're proud to hold the Athena SWAN Silver Award, recognising our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.

The Technician Commitment

We're fully engaged in The Technician Commitment, a pledge to support technical staff working in research.

Liverpool Shared Research Facilities

Liverpool Shared Research Facilities (LIV-SRF) has a clear and defined role: to ensure that all members of our Faculty have access to the equipment and expertise to pursue outstanding science. We have established a group of Shared Research Facilities (SRFs) that contain the necessary resources to turn good ideas into groundbreaking research. Also open to external collaborators, they're a great way to access the facilities and expertise of a world class research university.