The University of Liverpool has been teaching and researching life sciences for over 100 years. Our scientists and students have helped deliver many scientific breakthroughs and continue to do so using innovative techniques and technologies.

Our School of Biosciences offers world-class, inspirational research-led education across the full life science spectrum, including biomedical sciences, whole organismal biology, molecular genetics, infection and microbiology, structural biology, biological chemistry, ecology and evolution.

The course provides an incredibly thorough understanding of the human body, as well as the biological concepts that underlie diseases.

Pepper Wilde, Anatomy and Human Biology BSc (Hons)

Our teaching ethos

We aim to make students experts in their field, whilst offering the freedom to cross discipline boundaries. This combination of strengths is highly attractive to prospective employers. Students will tackle issues that dominate today’s society, such as food security, global warming, conservation, new energy sources, and the treatment of plant, animal, and human diseases.

Our learning community

No other university offers such a large life sciences school, alongside interacting with other disciplines, including the Schools of Medicine and Dentistry, all combined within a single Faculty of Health and Life Sciences. We cover the full breadth of biology, with programmes in zoology through to a range of degrees in biomedical sciences. We provide a welcoming and inclusive teaching environment for all.

Support and wellbeing

Student wellbeing is at the forefront of our mission. We offer a range of support avenues to ensure student wellbeing. Every undergraduate student has a personal tutor or academic advisor. We also have a group of senior academic advisors who offer students more in-depth support where needed, and a designated school learning and teaching support officer.

Students working in the lab

Levels of study


A suite of BSc (Hons) programmes from Biochemistry through to Zoology are available, plus an Integrated Masters in Biological Sciences (MBiolSci). The Institute also contributes to the teaching of medical students.

Postgraduate taught

We have a portfolio of Masters of Science (MSc) and Masters of Research (MRes) programmes in the knowledge areas we research.

Postgraduate research

We host a variety of PhD students from Doctoral Training Programmes including MRC, BBSRC, and NERC. Charity funded PhD students including those from Breast Cancer Now, North West Cancer and British Heart Foundation are also hosted in our institute. We hold several international partnerships, including A*STAR, Mahidol and RIKEN, as well as industrial partnerships. We also welcome self-funded students.

Continuing professional development (CPD)

We routinely run CPD courses in bioinformatics, genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and imaging. In addition, we run a special CPD course that's open to the public, Cancer in Context.

Current Students

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