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Combined degrees: your degree, your choice

In the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences you can study for a degree that combines two subjects from the wide range available across the Faculty. With 30 subjects and over 200 subject combinations to choose from, you can pursue a degree that is tailored to your interests, strengths and career aspirations.

50/50 combinations (2021 entry) (PDF)
75/25 combinations (2021 entry)
Language combinations (2021 and 2020 entry) (PDF)

How does it work?

Combining subjects could not be easier. There are three main paths for you to choose from.

Equally interested in two subjects?

This is our most popular and flexible way of combining subjects and will involve studying an equal number of credits from two subjects. These combinations are referred to as joint degrees, such as Sociology and Criminology, and offer a great way of broadening your knowledge and skills.

Use our 50/50 combinations grid (PDF) to identify two subjects that interest you and which can be studied together. You can then read up on each subject on the relevant Single Honours website pages, including information on careers, before applying using the UCAS code provided in the grid.

Interested in studying a modern language?

By choosing to study a language as part of your degree, you will take a vital step towards becoming a global citizen, with the skills that will help you stand out in the global graduate workplace. With eight languages to choose from, you can study two languages or combine a language with another subject. When combining a language with another subject, there is the option to study the language as an equal (50%) or as a minor (25%) component of your degree. However, please note that some languages are only available at 25%. Consult the Language Combinations grid to see 75/25 language options and the 50/50 grid if you are interested in studying a language as part of a joint degree. In each case, apply using the UCAS code for your chosen combination.

More information about Languages at Liverpool can be found here.

Major/minor degrees

Some select subject combinations can be studied on a Major/Minor basis. This involves combining 75% of credits from one subject (your Major) with 25% from another (your Minor). For Major/Minor degrees that include a language, please refer to the Language Combinations grid. The remaining Major/Minor combinations can be found in the 75/25 list.

As with 50/50 combinations you are encouraged to read up on each subject on their website pages, before applying using the relevant UCAS code.

In most cases, you will have the opportunity to alter the weighting of your chosen subjects by 25% at the end of your first year. This option is intended to give you the flexibility to focus on the subject that interests you the most or is most relevant to your future goals. However, there are exceptions to this principle. The weighting of any University of Liverpool Management School subject cannot be increased. It is also not possible to increase the Law component of any 50/50 programme involving Law, due to specific module requirements for qualifying law degrees. In addition, Games Design Studies is currently only available at 50% or 25%.

Joint Honours Select grid

Studying two subjects at University really helped me prepare for life in my professional career. Throughout my degree, having to balance the workload of two contrasting subjects was both enjoyable and challenging and helped develop my time management skills. In work, it is very rare that you’ll have just one project to focus on, so being able to plan and prioritise your time well is crucial if you want to succeed.

Sean Chappell Criminology and Philosophy BA (Hons)

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