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The Liverpool Advantage

At the forefront of innovation and discovery we are advancing knowledge to improve lives. Our interdisciplinary research, unique model for collaborations and cutting edge facilities, enable our research community to create global solutions aiming to improve health, create wealth and ensure social justice.

We are driving breakthroughs in developing new materials with large-scale applications in both industry and consumer products, enhancing the personalisation of health management, and progressing the battle against infectious diseases. With a strong focus on children’s health and ageing resilience, our excellent research under the theme starting well, living well and ageing well further contributes innovative solutions that improve health and wellbeing locally, nationally and internationally.

Research on digital is enabling the transformation of society and industry through the generation, communication and application of data. The portfolio of research on heritage enables our better understanding of the past and helps create a more prosperous, fairer and healthier world for everyone.

These institutional themes of research have been identified from our existing world leading research base in Liverpool and aim to bring together communities of researchers from different disciplines to contribute solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.

Our research activity takes place within our three faculties. We seek to provide an enabling environment and we are committed to offering unlimited potential for researchers at all stages of their career to have direct positive effects on our world. Our strengths lie in our people, partnerships and the strategic networks we have both locally and globally.

Research in our Faculties:

Health and Life Sciences research

Health and Life Sciences

The University of Liverpool is uniquely placed to tackle the challenges of major health and wellbeing issues in humans, animals, and the environment.

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Humanities and Social Sciences research

Humanities and Social Sciences

Exploring how human behaviour shapes policy, improves society, and how drawing on the past can help imagine better futures.

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Science and Engineering research

Science and Engineering

The Faculty is in a strong position to develop innovative solutions to tackle many of today's complex social, economic and environmental challenges.

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