Single-Cell Analysis

Cell sorting and Mass Cytometry

Cell Sorting and Mass Cytometry facility

The Cell Sorting and Mass Cytometry facility offers researchers analytical flow cytometers and cell sorting, flow and imaging mass cytometry, single cell secretomics and proteomics, as well as cytokine profiling.

Centre for Proteome Research (CPR)

Centre for Proteome Research

The Centre for Proteome Research (CPR) is a well-equipped lab addressing a range of challenges in protein mass spectrometry and proteomics, as applied to biological, environmental, biomedical and veterinary sciences.

Spatial Profiling Lab

Spatial Profiling Lab

Spatial profiling uses a combination of immunofluorescence microscopy and next-generation sequencing to quantify gene and/or protein expression in distinct areas of your tissue. Spatial Profiling, also known as ‘spatially resolved transcriptomics’, was voted Nature’s method of the year in 2020.