Resources for Health Care Professionals

The VISION group has developed a number of resources that are available free of charge to health care professionals working in the NHS. These resources include:

VISION assessment/management template

VISION inattention assessment

VISION history checklist

VISION health promotion guides and information leaflets

  • Activity books
  • Bedside notice
  • Care of prism (standard)
  • Care of prism (easy read)
  • Care of glasses
  • Care of contact lenses
  • Device accessibility
  • Driving flowchart
  • Driving with visual impairment (large print)
  • Driving with visual impairment (easy read)
  • Dry eye
  • Migraine differential diagnosis
  • Sight impairment registration (standard)
  • Sight impairment registration (easy read)
  • Stroke vision factsheet
  • Symptoms flowchart
  • Think SIGHT
  • Think STROKE
  • Untreated eye conditions
  • Vision passport

To apply to use these resources, please click here.

VISION Research Unit, University of Liverpool retain all copyright on professional resources, patient resources, BIVI-IQ questionnaire, VISA screening tool and V-FAST screening tool. If you wish to modify/translate these resources/tools in any way, please contact

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