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Vision models

Automated Static Perimetry test results are used to visualize the defected visual field for people with peripheral vision loss.

The following examples show videos for three types of visual defects - severe glaucoma, left hemianopia and central scotoma aquired macular degeneration (AMD).

The images before each set of videos shows the visual field test results (central and peripheral fields). The video clips* were captured by a wide-angle camera (approx. 120°). The second video on each row shows how people with this defected vision would see the same video.

 Glaucoma, central field test (left/right eye results) Glaucoma, full field test (both eyes together)
 Left hemianopia, central field test(left/right eye results)  Left hemianopia, full field test (both eyes together)
Central scotoma aquired macular degeneration
AMD, central field test (left/right eye results)  AMD, central field test (both eyes together)

* these videos are from public databases CamVid, GoPro-Gyro Dataset

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