Research impact

Post-stroke visual impairment (PSVI) affects over 60% of stroke survivors but has been under-recognised with poor detection and referral to eye care services leading to severely restricted quality of life.

The University of Liverpool (UoL) VISION unit (headed by Prof Rowe) is the only global research unit focusing on health service research for PSVI and has produced evidence that underpins present day policies, guidelines and clinical practice in the UK and internationally. This has led to clinical and societal recognition of PVSI and an increase in stroke units with integrated vision screening and care services from 45% to about 80% resulting in early and accurate identification of stroke-related visual problems and wide-ranging benefits to patients, their carers and the NHS.

This page houses some of the testimonials that patients, clinicians, researchers and colleagues have provided to outline the impact of the work undertaken by the VISION research group.


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