We conduct world leading research to address fundamental health inequalities, improve health outcomes and quality of life. Our research focuses on services and systems for health and wellbeing, operating at the community and population level.

We're seeking to understand how to improve the systems that society needs to put in place to promote, sustain and protect health, prevent disease and care for the sick.

Our challenges

Primary Care and Mental Health

Developing theories, models and interventions for primary healthcare that promote mental health and wellbeing. Our research and teaching activities aim to enhance excellence in primary, community, mental health and social care at a local and global level.

Health Data Science

Optimising the information available from healthcare data, with the primary goal of improving healthcare delivery processes and interventions in our community and beyond. We focus on the development and application of statistical techniques and clinical trials methodology to address a variety of healthcare problems.


Tackling some of the major psychological issues facing society today such as childhood development, healthy living, perceptions and responding to critical and major incidents. Our overarching research aim is to advance theory and drive innovation to identify solutions with real world impact.

Public Health, Policy and Systems

Exploring the pathways that lead to inequalities in health and access to healthcare. We strive to engage policy and practice communities to ensure policy-relevance; and support the incorporation of our evidence to directly benefit people in their day-to-day lives.

School of Allied Health Professions and Nursing

Providing professional healthcare education and training to people at all stages of their careers in diagnostic radiography, nursing, occupational therapy, orthoptics, physiotherapy and therapeutic radiography and oncology. Our clinicians and students produce leading research that is innovative and impactful for patients and clinical services.

Centres of Excellence

CHIL banner

Civic Health Innovation Labs (CHIL)

Civic Health Innovation Labs (CHIL) is an interdisciplinary research centre tackling global health challenges with civic data and technology while driving positive change for the people of the Liverpool City Region.

Case studies

Food Policies & Disease Prevention – the IMPACT model
fruit and vegetables

Food Policies & Disease Prevention – the IMPACT model

Heart disease, stroke, diabetes, dementia and cancers cause over 90% of premature UK deaths; however, most are preventable. Our researchers developed computational models to quantify and compare different prevention policies, successfully advancing food policies such as the UK dietary salt reduction targets, sugary drinks tax, along with EU and WHO policies to eliminate industrial transfats from the world's food supplies.

Improving access to psychological therapies for perinatal depression in low- and middle-income countries

Improving access to psychological therapies for perinatal depression in low and middle-income countries

Perinatal depression affects one in four women in low and middle income countries with over 90% not receiving any treatment for this condition. This has devastating consequences for the mothers and their infants. Our researchers published the Thinking Healthy Programme (THP), becoming the first fully manualised psychological intervention to be adopted by the World Health Organization for global dissemination.

Unhealthy food advertising to children: Impacting on a watershed policy
Child watching television

Unhealthy food advertising to children: Impacting on a watershed policy

Obesity affects a third of UK children and is a major determinant of health inequality. Our research showed that a 9pm watershed on unhealthy food advertising on television would reduce childhood obesity, improve health outcomes and deliver substantial health cost benefits. This has led to the adoption of a major new and unique UK-wide public health policy to introduce a watershed on advertising as part of their obesity strategy.

Accreditations and partnerships

Our local and global partnerships provide vital support to our research activity.


Wellcome exists to improve health by helping great ideas to thrive. Wellcome is an independent global charitable foundation.

Liverpool Health Partners

Liverpool Health Partners' mission is to improve population health outcomes and economic productivity in Cheshire and Merseyside.

National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR)

NIHR is the nation's largest funder of health and care research and provides the people, facilities and technology that enables research to thrive.

Athena SWAN Silver Award

We're proud to hold the Athena SWAN Silver Award, recognising our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.