The Governance of Health: Medical, Economic and Managerial Expertise in Britain Since 1948

Witness Seminars are special events where a group of invited guests share their insights and experiences in relation to a particular topic. The events organised by the Governance of Health team have brought together medical professionals, civil servants, politicians and other experts to discuss important moments in the history of British health policy making and think about lessons for the future

Witness Seminars

1974 NHS Re-organisation

The 1974 NHS Re-organisation

9th November, 2016

Internal Market

The Introduction of the NHS Internal Market

5th December, 2017

British Health Economics

The History of British Health Economics and the Role of the University of York

27th October, 2017

Origins of NIHR

The Origins of the National Institute for Health Research

28th February, 2018

A, M and Training in the NHS: Prof Teddy Chester

Administration, Management and Training in the National Health Service: The Contribution of Professor Teddy Chester

14th March, 2019

Mersey Regional Health Authority

Mersey Regional Health Authority, 1974-1994

13th June, 2019

The Origins of NICE

The Origins and Establishment of NICE, the National Institute for Clinical Excellence

18th June, 2020

The Development and Influence of Public Health Genomics

The Development and Influence of Public Health Genomics

8th September 2021 and 15th November 2021