The Governance of Health: Medical, Economic and Managerial Expertise in Britain Since 1948

Our team is made up of researchers with an expertise in history, public health and policy


Professor Sally Sheard

Professor of the History of Medicine

Sally Sheard is Professor of the History of Medicine, with an appointment divided between the Department of Public Health and Policy and the Department of History. She is a health and social policy historian, with a special interest in the interface between expert advisers and policymakers in the UK and international organisations.From January 2015 she will be a Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator, leading this project.

Sally Sheard has extensive experience of using history in public and policy engagement, and currently serves as a senior editor for History and Policy: She has worked with local health authorities and government organisations providing historical context for contemporary health policy issues. She has been a guest curator at National Museums Liverpool. Since 2006 she has directed the redevelopment of the Liverpool Medical Institution library as a specialist history of medicine centre. She also has written for and appeared in television and radio programmes, most recently the BBC 4 documentary Health Before the NHS in 2012. Read more.

‌Dr Philip Begley

Research Associate

Philip's main research interests lie in contemporary history, particularly post-war British politics. His research within the project focuses on the evolving role of management consultants and their interaction with health policy makers and the NHS.

From 2014-15 he was a Research Assistant in the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Lincoln, where he worked on the 'Parliament and Policy: Predicting Success and Failure' project. His work included analysis of the 2010 Academies Act and the 1998 National Minimum Wage Act, their legislative journeys through Parliament, their impact and subsequent perceptions of their success. 

Philip completed a PhD in History at Lincoln in 2013, having previously been awarded a PhD Studentship by the University. His thesis was titled 'The Road to 1979? The Conservative Party in Opposition, 1974-79'. Read more.

Dr Michael Lambert

Research Associate

His purpose is to provide a local case study of the governance of health within the city-region of Liverpool for the three principal strands of the project in relation to different forms of expertise within the National Health Service: clinical and medical, managerial, and economic. Prior to joining the University, Michael worked as a Post-Doctoral Teaching Fellow in Early Childhood Studies at Liverpool Hope University, whilst he was also finishing his PhD thesis at Lancaster University entitled '"Problem families" and the post-war welfare state in the North West of England, 1943-74.' This examined the historical antecedents of the government's Troubled Families Programme through post-war concerns with the 'problem family' in both discourse and practice of the welfare state, using the North West as a case study.

He has also published about public health management in Liverpool for an edited collection produced by the Voluntary History Society, as well as giving a Duncan Lecture on maternity and child welfare and poverty in post-war Merseyside. Read more.