‌The Centre for Humanities and Social Science of Health, Medicine and Technology

The Centre for Humanities and Social Sciences of Health, Medicine and Technology brings together developments across the arts, critical scholarship and engagement with various publics to enhance understandings of medical, (bio)scientific and technical practice. It provides a home for medical humanities at the University of Liverpool and incorporates innovations in broader science-art collaborations, including technological development and the environmental humanities.

Covid-19: Conversations and Controversies

Covid-19: Conversations and Controversies is a virtual bi-weekly forum to discuss concerns reflective of the present moment, to include: scholarly, artistic, social and critical thoughts and reflections. An associated blog for each conversation is produced for and posted on our blog.

Notification is sent out to our members and networks one week in advance. A designated host will introduce their topic and people are welcome to discuss it or simply relax and listen. Where possible, we may send a short topic introduction –  written, audio or video – to support the conversation. If you would like to propose a conversation – email Prof Ciara Kierans, (Director of CHSSoHMT)


24th April, 2020 The Vaccines Race: Who Wins (Host: Lu-Yun Lian, Professor of Structural Biology). Read our blog summarising this event here.

15th of May What makes a crisis?: reflecting on political economy in comparative perspective. Hosted by Ciara Kierans

22nd May - Interrupted connections: social distancing and the risk of relapse for people recovering from drugs and alcohol. Hosted by Nicole Vitellone and Lena Theodoropoulou.

5th June - 12pm Corona Capitalism. Hosted by David Whyte and Rory O’Neill. This session will explore how the failure to protect workers in the current period is merely a more concentrated version of what has become a global norm: that workers’ safety depends on the conditions of capitalist markets.

Please email Prof Ciara Kierans for joining instructions (Zoom).