‌The Centre for Health, Medical and Environmental Humanities

The Liverpool Centre for Health, Medical and Environmental Humanities provides a home for humanities and social sciences scholars at the University of Liverpool, as well as incorporating innovations in broader science-art collaborations. Its purpose is to create an interdisciplinary space beyond departmental settings to enhance collaborative research, to foster critical inquiry, dialogue and creativity and engage local partners and practitioners. The Centre was previously known as The Centre for Humanities and Social Sciences of Health, Technology and Medicine.

We seek to: 

  • build a sustainable community of humanities and social science scholars who address medical, health and environmental concerns via respective political, social, and cultural approaches, and who are engaged with relevant communities of practice in Liverpool and beyond 
  • promote dialogue and critical reflection across interdisciplinary communities of practice 
  • promote methodological and theoretical advancement
  • create a fruitful and supportive environment for doctoral and postdoctoral research, offering mentorship and peer support 
  • contribute to policy development and interventions 
  • promote social and environmental justice

Centre activities:

Upcoming activities

The Centre runs an extensive programme of events, lectures and workshops. 

See the latest upcoming activities on our events page.

Recent activities

Please see our new Special Issue in Qualitative Research

Doing things with Description - politics, practices and the art of attentiveness - New Special Issue

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Please see a new blog by Professor Thomas Schramme on mandatory vaccination:

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