The Centre for Health, Arts, Society & Environment

The Liverpool Centre for Health, Art, Society and Environment (CHASE) aims to create an interdisciplinary space beyond departmental settings to enhance collaborative research and to foster critical inquiry, dialogue and creativity. Working in and across three key themes – Critical Medical Humanities; Environmental Humanities; and Arts, Mental Health and Wellbeing – CHASE aims to respond to complex, emergent challenges that do not easily fit into one discipline or perspective. With interests ranging from Anthropocene studies to zoonotic diseases, CHASE seeks to forge innovative methodologies and theoretical approaches and conducts academic and public-facing work with various partners and collaborators including artists, other scientific researchers, and the NHS.

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Watch CHASE Director Ciara Kierans introduce the Centre and its work at our launch event. A cartoon of a woman talking to a Dr saying Please listen to me

Research theme: Critical Medical Humanities

Collaborative research exploring health, illness, wellbeing and medicine and their practices, policies and politics. A blindfolded woman looking at a book

Research theme: Arts, Mental Health and Wellbeing

Promoting an arts-oriented response to research challenges in medical practice. Rooftops emerging from flood waters

Research theme: Environmental Humanities

Interdisciplinary research focussed on the complex inter-relationship between societies and the environment, in the past and present. Georgina Aasgaard playing the cello

Collaborating artist: Georgina Aasgaard

Cellist, music and health practitioner and music researcher. Melanie Manchot standing in a red light

Collaborating artist: Melanie Manchot

A visual artist/filmmaker employing film, video and sound to explore the construction of our individual and collective identities. Bryony Ella sitting in woodland sketching

Collaborating artist: Bryony Ella

An interdisciplinary artist whose work engages with the climate and ecological crisis through the intersection of science and spirituality.