Bryony Ella sitting in woodland sketching

Bryony Ella

Bryony Ella is an interdisciplinary artist whose work engages with the climate and ecological crisis through the intersection of science and spirituality.

Bryony's practice centres and celebrates the human body as an experience that is fluid, organic, porous and intimately connected to all living systems. Working with the philosophical practice of embodied ecology, often in collaboration with academics and activists, she brings different cosmologies together through painting, leading 'wild drawing' walks and producing multi-disciplinary, participatory public art projects.

She is currently collaborating with environmental and urban historians and ethnographers on a long-term Wellcome-funded project called Melting Metropolis, which is based at the History department at the University of Liverpool.

This project seeks to illuminate the lived experience of urban heat islands in London, Paris and New York, from post-war to present day. As the project's Research Artist, Bryony is exploring the embodied experience of heat in the city, primarily through the adaptation of her 'wild drawing' practice. She will be producing public artworks that to invite wider audiences to explore the academic and community research emerging from the project.

Image: Bryony Ella wild drawing, credit: Ewelina Ruminska

Promo film from The Colour of Transformation documentary and artist's film, supported by Arts Council England and Butterfly Conservation, 2022.

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