Head of Department
Colton, Professor LisaHead of Department and Professor of Musicology0151 795 1799 Ext:51799
Academic Staff
Carey, Dr LiamLecturer in Music Technology0151 795 1179 Ext:51179
Carman, Dr OliverLecturer in Music Technology 0151 794 9934 Ext:49934
Cohen, Professor SaraJames and Constance Alsop Chair in Music; Director of the Institute of Popular Music; Director of Research0151 794 3820
Coutinho, Dr EduardoSenior Lecturer in Music Psychology0151 795 8558 Ext:58558
Crossley, Dr JonathanLecturer in Music Technology0151 794 0177
Davies, Dr LawrenceLecturer in Music0151 795 8523 Ext:58523
Ellinson, Mrs LouiseChoral Director0151 795 1180 Ext:51180
Fairclough, Professor MatthewDirector of Music Technology0151 794 3069
Flynn, Dr MathewSenior Lecturer in Music Industries0151 795 8600 Ext:58600
Smith, Professor KennethProfessor of Theory and Analysis0151 794 2647
Frizell, Mr AndrewLecturer in Popular Music Performance0151 795 0648 Ext:50648
Glew, Dr AnnaLeverhulme Early Career Fellow0151 794 0739 Ext:40739
Hackbarth, Dr BenDirector of Interdisciplinary Centre for Composition & Technology, Senior Lecturer and Head of Composition0151 794 3099
Holmes, Mr JohnLecturer in Music Technology0151 795 1178 Ext:51178
Hooper, Dr GilesSenior Lecturer in Musicology0151 794 3095
Jarman, Dr FreyaReader in Critical Musicology0151 794 3066
Jones, Dr MichaelReader in Music Industries0151 794 2939
Leonard, Dr MarionReader in Popular Music Studies0151 794 6972
Minton, Dr RuthLecturer in Classical Performance
Murray, Dr SamuelLecturer in Music Industries0151 795 1189 Ext:51189
Owens, Mr ThomasLecturer in Games Design0151 794 0255
Peters, Mr TomUniversity Teacher in Music Technology0151 794 0254
Price, Dr SarahLecturer in Music Industries 0151 795 1439 Ext:51439
Simmons, Dr AndrewLecturer in Film Music Composition
Skjerseth, Dr AmyLecturer in Audiovisual Media0151 794 0447
Spitzer, Professor MichaelProfessor of Theory and Analysis0151 794 3078 Ext:43078
Stafford, Mr SimonLecturer in Popular Music Performance and Head of Popular Music Performance0151 795 0648 Ext:0648
Strachan, Dr RobertSenior Lecturer in Popular Music Studies0151 794 3247
Tackley, Professor CatherineProfessor of Music0151 794 9908
Tessler, Dr HollySenior Lecturer in Music Industries0151 795 7808 Ext:57808
Tsang, Dr LeeHead of Classical Music Performance; Director, MMus Performance; Global Opportunities Lead0151 795 7544 Ext:57544
Turowski, Dr PaulSenior Lecturer in Music for Digital Games0151 794 3105
Um, Dr HaekyungSenior Lecturer in Ethnomusicology0151 794 3084
Worth, Dr RichardLecturer in Music and Popular Music; Admissions Tutor0151 794 9936 Ext:49936
Tung Auditorium at the Yoko Ono Lennon Centre
Hartwell, Mr RichardArtistic Director0151 794 0272 Ext:40272
Hartwell, Mr RichardArtistic Director0742 562 6897
Adams, Miss RuthMarketing Coordinator 0151 795 5524 Ext:55524
Bell, Miss RachaelTechnical Coordinator0783 304 9069
Connor, Mr ChristopherProduction Co-ordinator0151 795 1725 Ext:51725
Doyle, Miss MicheleFront of House Venue Manager 0750 1405 013
Snowdon, Mr AngusVenue Technician Graduate Intern0790 122 7393
Flooks, Mr Alistair0151 794 0177 Ext:40177
Reece, Ms LydiaArtistic Administrator Graduate Intern 0151 795 1724 Ext:51724
Keenan, Miss HayleyOperations Support Administrator
Bolton, Miss AmaliaMarketing Graduate Intern 0151 794 1521 Ext:41521
Green, Mr Christopher07340 855 179
Professional Services Contact Numbers
Beiert, Dr MichaelTechnical Services Coordinator (Music)07807 106 921
Almond-Higgins, Mr PhilipTechnician07584 441577
Student Experience Team0151 795 0500
Operations Support Team
Finance & Research Team
Liverpool University Music Society
General Enquiries0151 794 2959

Instrumental Tutors

Buckle, Ian Classical Piano
Burvill, Mandy Classical Clarinet
Cawdron, Gwendolyn Classical Viola
Codey, Leanne Classical Piano
Cowen, Simon Classical Lower Brass
Evans, Jane Classical Oboe
Fair, Ian Classical Double Bass
Frampton, Ashley Classical Double Bass
Hankinson, Stewart Classical Voice
Harland, Rachel Classical Voice
Jones, Gethyn Classical Cello
Kimmance, Tom Classical Piano
Lea, Richard Classical  Organ
Liang, Peter Classical Violin
McNulty, Elizabeth Classical Harp
Nash, Pamela Classical Harpsichord
Neish, Les Classical Tuba
O'Hara, Dianne Classical / Popular Piano
Rosa, Sophie Classical Violin
Thomas, Paul Classical Trumpet
Rudge, Kathryn Classical Voice
Steinmetz, Tony Classical Guitar
Thorp, Tom Classical / Popular Saxophone
Wade, Sheona Classical Tenor Horn
Wilson, Helen Classical Flute
Winter, Richard Classical Percussion
Yates, Sam Classical Horn
Bailey, John Popular Guitar
Barragan, Blas Popular Voice
Bowry, Carlo Popular Guitar
Dunsmore, Maria Popular Voice
Empsall, Dan Popular Guitar
Fawcett, Lisa Popular Drums
Johnson, Robert Popular Guitar
Lamb, Genevieve Popular Saxophone / Flute
Lewis, Adam Popular Bass Guitar
O'Hara, Max Popular Piano
Pirnbaum, Tilo Popular Drums
Read, Beth Popular Piano
Smith, Kate Popular Voice
Taft, Paul Popular Voice
Taft, Anne Popular Voice