Interdisciplinary Centre for Composition and Technology

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Composition and Technology (ICCaT) investigates how music composition and sonic artforms intersect with new technology, performance and perception. Staff affiliated with the centre teach undergraduate courses as well as mentor masters and PhD students in acoustic composition, technology and computer music.

Research Themes

The centre affirms compositional practice as research through highlighting the important role that technological innovation plays in the creation of new music. Members' research is focussed both on performance/musical practice as well as developing technological resources and software-based tools for intelligently interacting with computers. Particular areas of emphasis include:


The centre curates and contextualises the performance of new music by presenting and promoting a diverse set of public musical activities which are linked to various types of cutting-edge technology and research. Our main platform is the Open Circuit Festival, which began in 2014 and has hosted nearly two dozen events at the University of Liverpool since its inception.

The festival not only offers a series of free contemporary music events in Liverpool, but also provides academic context on the future of music making and technology, including panel discussions, artist talks and public demonstrations. The festival is made possible through funding from the University’s School of Arts.