The Music Hub

Rehearsal and Performance Space

The Music Hub is a state of the art multipurpose rehearsal and performance teaching space, whilst the additional 9 practice rooms are equipped with brand new pianos.

20 Practice Rooms

We offer a total of twenty practice rooms including nine rooms equipped with brand new Yamaha upright and grand pianos.

A further practice room equipped with a Kawai grand piano and Harp provides a spacious rehearsal room for individual or group use.

Practice room with Grand Pianos

The Music Hub

The Music Hub is a multipurpose rehearsal and performance teaching space. Featuring improved facilities for teaching, guest lectures and presentations, the hub is equipped with a full professional-level lighting and P.A. system for performance practice and technical training.

With flexible, adjustable acoustics it is the rehearsal centre for the department’s vibrant extracurricular music making activities and music society groups.

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‌The Hub benefits from the first Bose Showmatch system ever to be installed in an educational facility, supported by two Soundcraft Vi1 audio mixing consoles.

The space offers fully independent control of Front Of House (FOH) and Monitor systems, as well as direct feeds to our SSL studio below, providing us with extremely flexible and versatile patching capabilities.

The Soundcraft Ui16 recording setup is perfect for ambient takes of orchestral/choral/band performances in the space. This system is all controlled over smart devices, so anyone can operate it on their phone.

We have new microphones from Shure and Sennheiser along with state of the art BSS DI boxes and a brand new Yamaha piano.

The room is acoustically isolated and soundproofed to prevent interference from neighbouring facilities, whilst the adjustable wall panels change the acoustic nature of the room - dampened or reflective.

We have a stage lighting rig of 12 Martin Rush LED fixtures, which are both good for the environment, yet bright and colourful for a real gig experience.‌

Practice and rehearsal spaces

These include small rooms for individual practice or tuition, larger spaces suitable for orchestra rehearsals and master-classes, and fully-equipped, sound-proofed rooms for bands to use.

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